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Plan in Avion, execute in Azure DevOps

Always in sync.

Connect your story map to Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) with Avion’s bulletproof sync. Once you select “enable”, watch your entire backbone (journeys and steps) sync up perfectly to Azure DevOps. Then, push your releases when your dev team is ready to pick up those stories. Everything will stay in sync — wherever you chose to edit it.

Screenshot of enabling a Trello integration in Avion


Simply setup the integration with Azure DevOps in a few steps and choose the level of syncing that you’re comfortable with. You can even select individual area paths to sync.

Screenshot of pushing some user stories over to Trello


Push your releases from Avion to Azure DevOps, creating a perfectly synced up backlog of user stories.

Screenshot of enabling an Avion story card


Update anything in either tool, and Avion will take care of keeping them perfectly in sync. Less manual work and no more copy/paste.

Sync your backbone

Avion will map your journeys and steps to epics and features in Azure DevOps, so you will never lose your bearings in either app. Once synced, any changes either side are replicated in both tools, so you‘re always up-to-date.

A screenshot of the main Avion story map screen

Sync your releases

One of our top requested features is to keep release data in sync. Releases are outlined as Azure DevOps story tags and remain up-to-date, always — why not try it?

A screenshot illustrating the syncing of releases between Avion and Azure DevOps

Sync story points and status

Your statuses and story points will also sync up. We even support custom Azure DevOps status set ups. Size up and set statuses in whichever tool you feel most comfortable.

A screenshot illustrating the syncing of story points between Avion and Azure DevOps

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