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Avion vs StoriesOnBoard

Avion makes story mapping a modern, collaborative, and delightful experience. Import from StoriesOnBoard, invite the team and finally, enjoy your planning sessions.

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Why are people switching from StoriesOnBoard to Avion?

More powerful integrations

Relentless, high quality features

A fresh interface for modern product teams

Visualize dependencies
right on your story map.

By linking cards and setting relationship types, Avion helps you visualize gaps, dependencies and similarities when planning.

Not only does this help team conversation and shared understanding, but it helps you communicate potential issues or blockers to your stakeholders or CEO.

Visualize dependencies in Avion using card links
Card links are drawn on the story map for better dependency mapping
Customize your workflow,
to your heart's content.

Avion does not lock down your story states. We have a flexible workflow configuration screen that allows you to shape your process around your team's preferences.

It's also totally configurable with our integrations, giving you endless possibilities when it comes to mapping your states between tools.

Avion's story mapping custom workflow builder
Click, click, click
SSO done.

Imagine a world where SSO was just a few clicks to set up — we know, it's quite a stretch, isn't it? Luckily, that's exactly what we built. Get set up with your SSO provider, no fuss, simple instructions, no pain.

Setup SSO in three clicks, including Azure and Okta
The perfect story writing

A beautiful rich text editor, advanced tagging, assign personas at any level, Figma attachments, cross-story map linking — it's all there.

Avion's story mapping custom workflow builder
it's our thing

Story maps can get big. We have meticulously crafted Avion to cope with large maps right in the browser, and we're always improving it too.

Not only that, we built our drag-and-drop system from the ground-up to handle the complexity of it all. You could say we're obsessed with #perf.

reliable integrations

Our integrations are in-depth and highly configurable. We offer many different mapping options across all our integrations, allowing you to experiment with what works best for your team.

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Avion integrates with Azure DevOps, Jira, Trello and GitHub

“Before Avion, we story mapped with post-it notes on physical walls. It took time to duplicate those stories within our workflow management tool. Now, Avion gives us digital storyboards with visible dependencies integrated with our workflow management tool. Our once flat product backlog has come to life with a holistic view of where we should focus for delivering the most impactful business value.

I don't know of any other tool that can live up to its standard. And its support is second to none.”

Head shot of an Avion and story mapping user, Louise Page.
Mark Millican Business Analyst, Auto Trader
Visual dependency mapping

Visual dependency mapping

Link stories, mark dependencies, signify blocking relationships and more. Then see those links drawn visually on your story map

No dependency mapping

Cross-story map linking

Cross-story map linking

Create relationships from one story map to another, allowing you to build complex interlinking product plans

No cross-map, or even same-map linking

Tag categories

Tag categories

Break your tags into groups to make story writing consistent and predictable

No tagging or tag categories. Story annotations can be used but lack any advanced configuration

Persona categories

Persona categories

Group your personas for advanced control over how your team communicates about your end users

No (useful) persona categorization

Personas at all levels

Personas at all levels

Attach personas to journeys, steps or stories

Attach personas to top level only



Map Jira epics to three different levels — journeys, steps, releases (or nothing)

Optionally map journeys, steps and releases to Jira custom fields

Sync Avion releases to Jira fix versions

Sync to GitHub projects (repo or org level) or a ZenHub workspace

Sync journeys, steps and story points to Trello custom fields

Optionally sync Avion tags across all integrations

Advanced state mapping options, including optional states

Map Jira epics to top or second-level cards (or nothing)

Use variables to sync some other data (annotations not supported). Not two-way synced, just a value that's pushed once

No support for Jira fix versions, GitHub projects, ZenHub, tag syncing, Jira custom fields, advanced state mapping

Import from Excel

Import from Excel

Import from an Avion-generated Excel file at any time. Make mass changes in Excel and re-import and Avion will update only what has changed

Import from SoB-generated Excel document into an empty map. Can't import annotations or color labels. Can’t re-import in the future

Export to Excel

Export to Excel

Export to Excel with a fully structured document with sheets covering all of your story map data – personas, tags, labels, hierarchy, releases, sizes, descriptions and more

Basic Excel export that cannot be re-imported into StoriesOnBoard (but note that Avion can import from this too...)

Export to PDF

Export to PDF

Export to a infinitely scalable vector PDF at any time. Your story map will look just as beautiful in PDF form as it does in the browser

Basic PDF export functionality

Export to CSV

Export to CSV

Export your raw data to a CSV file

No support for CSV export

Dark mode

Dark mode

Light and dark modes, accessible colors and screen reader support

Light mode only

Feedback module

Feedback module

Currently, a feedback module is not a priority for us

Basic feedback collection and public roadmap, similar to functionality provided by canny.io or others

We'll give you 50% off for six months if you switch from StoriesOnBoard to Avion.

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Finally, a note from the founders

StoriesOnBoard has a special place in our hearts. We used this tool previously when there were no better options. But we built Avion because StoriesOnBoard lacked the quality and experience we needed from such a crucial part of product planning.

When our team approaches building a new feature in Avion, our focus is always on creating reliable, robust functionality with the best possible experience for our users. That's why you can trust Avion with the future of your product planning.

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