Daily Scrum

The definition of Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is a Scrum Event that occurs daily within the Sprint. It is a timeboxed event that should last no longer than 15 minutes.

In the meeting, members of the Scrum Team come together to inspect the progress of the Sprint and plan their activities until the next Daily Scrum.

As with all Scrum Events, the Daily Scrum is most effective when it is held at the same time and same place each day.

At a minimum the Daily Scrum should be attended by the Development Team, however, it is common for the whole Scrum Team to attend (inclusive of the Scrum Master and Product Owner).

During the Daily Scrum, team members often meet around their team board and discuss what they did yesterday, what they plan to do today and whether they have any impediments.

This increases transparency as the progress of work is visible on a daily basis. It also increases accountability as the team holds each other accountable on their collective progress towards the Sprint Goal.

Most importantly, the Daily Scrum increases adaptability as the Scrum Team gathers on a daily basis to discuss progress, impediments and changes to the Sprint plan.

It’s good to be mindful that the Daily Scrum is not a replacement for continuous communication. Scrum Teams often identify the need for deeper and more detailed discussion during the Daily Scrum. The Daily Scrum is designed to identify and plan for these moments, not replace them.