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Avion is a story mapping tool that helps you deliver more value to your users whilst being lean with delivery.

A user story map in Avion

Most teams already have some sort of backlog or list of work to be done. It might be stored in Google Docs, Jira, Notion or even Excel — shudder.

Backlogs are typically a flat list of items, like this:

Picture of a typical flat backlog, found in tools like Jira.

Flat backlogs have a few key flaws.

You can't see the big picture

What are we actually building? Where does this feature sit in our product? Can I understand this at a glance? No.

They are not outcome-based

You can't see what outcomes you are trying to achieve and therefore prioritization suffers.

No user journey context

User stories are disconnected, making it hard to tell who a feature is for and what are they trying to achieve.

Stakeholders won't get it

Devs, managers, customers and c-suite all need an easy visualization of the product and upcoming features.

Feature gaps

It's way too easy to miss key features when you're planning without your user journeys driving the conversation.

Enter Avion. Your new backlog.

Image of a 2d backlog in Avion, with text pointing to user journeys and release planning.

"We were finding it very hard to get a simple, holistic view of what our roadmap looked like. Avion gave structure to our backlog, and visibility into the path ahead, serving as the source of truth for product feature decisions, and significantly improved our product planning and execution process."

Head shot of an Avion and story mapping user, Armand Du Plessis.
Armand du Plessis Founder, Pulse

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