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Plan in Avion, get notified in Slack

In real-time.

Slack has been a game changer for team communication. That’s why we’ve made sure that integrating your Avion story map with Slack is effortless. Once integrated, you will get notifications in the Slack channel of your choice. You can even customise the level of notifications that you will get. Check out our short video above to see how easy it is to get started.

Screenshot of enabling a Slack integration in Avion


Setting up Slack is a one-step process. Just select a Slack channel and authorise.

Screenshot of creating some cards in Avion


Do your thing, as normal and Avion will send the right updates to your Slack channel.

Screenshot of the notifications in Slack


View updates in Slack, keeping the whole team on the same page.

Set your preference

Slack can be noisy at times, so Avion hands you control of how much information is posted to Slack.

A screenshot of the Slack notification settings

Multiple maps, multiple channels

If your team has multiple story maps, you can sync each one to different channels or the same channel — totally up to you.

Bot features, slash commands and more

The current integration with Slack is only the start. We plan on using Slack's in depth APIs to give you a fully immersive integration experience.

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