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User story mapping with Jira Cloud

Sync your Avion story maps with Jira Cloud for a powerful user-centric backlog and delivery machine.

User story mapping with Avion and Jira Cloud

Watch to see how story maps in Avion can work with your Jira backlog

User story mapping with Avion and Jira Cloud

How to combine story mapping with Jira Cloud

  • Step one of the simple integration setup process

    Step 1

    Use our simple setup process to integrate your story map with Jira Cloud. There are many options available to experiment with.

  • Step two of the simple integration setup process

    Step 2

    Start your discovery and planning in Avion, focusing on user experience and what will create value for your users.

  • Step three of the simple integration setup process

    Step 3

    When you have a release ready for developers to work on, push the release over to Jira Cloud. The stories are now in-sync. Any changes made in either tool will be immediately synced.

  • Step four of the simple integration setup process

    Step 4

    Monitor the progress of the release in Avion as development work takes place in Jira. Rinse and repeat.

Why integrate Jira Cloud with a user story map in Avion?

Make sense of the mess


Jira projects can be daunting, messy and highly technical. This is not the best view for understanding product and progress.


Give stakeholders (and yourself) a user-friendly, customer-centric view of your product and plans in Avion.

Flat backlogs are... well, flat


A long list of items in Jira doesn't give a sense of the user experience and journey your customers take. Planning without this is madness.


Create backlogs and roadmaps in Avion and leave Jira for the delivery — which it's actually great for.

De-couple product planning and delivery


Jira is great for sprint planning and tracking what's happening now, but it's not the right environment for planning experiences and solving product problems.


Create rich plans and roadmaps in Avion that plug right into Jira. This de-couples your planning and delivery, whilst keeping them in-sync.

Manage and communicate your dependencies


Planning dependencies in Jira isn't all that easy without a plethora of messy plugins.


Avion is a visual environment with tailor-made dependency mapping. Use your story maps to communicate dependencies with wider stakeholders.

Dream up your perfect setup

We seriously sweat over the technical details over here. That's why we've created an integration with options to suit lots of different teams and projects. Whatever you want to achieve, there will be an integration option to support it.

Element in Avion
Element in Jira


Stories are like features or ideas


Any issue type

Including bugs, tasks and epics, not subtasks

Journeys and steps

These make up your user experience during planning


Epics or custom fields

Add context in Jira where it makes sense


Collections of stories that make up user value


Epics, fix versions or custom fields

Drive delivery forward your way


Add more context to planning



Keep context and automate workflows


Images, PDFs, Figma links and more



All attachments synced, zero hassle

Story states

Track progress during planning


Issue states

Sync progress from delivery

Story sizes

Point values to add predictability to planning


Custom fields

Transfer planning predictions to delivery

Read the nitty-gritty details in our docs

Read the docs

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