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Confused about where to begin with user story mapping? Learn how to apply this powerful technique to your own product with our half-day online workshop for just $499

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User story mapping is a brilliant tool for product discovery that brings your whole team together under one shared vision. It makes working with user stories much easier by helping you visualise your entire product from the perspective of your users. However, it can be hard to know where to start if you’ve never mapped your product’s user journeys before.

Let's explore your product together

With our online workshop, we help you explore your product and its user journeys. We’ll take you through the fundamental concepts of user story mapping and then work with you to apply this to your own product. We’ll also discuss how user story mapping fits into your team’s workflow and you’ll walk away with a story map of your own product that will help you plan and build its features more effectively.

About this workshop
100% online

No need to travel. We run this workshop via an online web conference. All you need is a mic and webcam.

4 hours

Our initial consultation and workshop runs for about half a day in total, with a few breaks throughout.

Flexible dates

Busy calendar? Don't worry, we can plan the workshop to fit around your schedule.


This half-day workshop is $499. Want us to come to you? Get in touch to find out more about this.

Up to 3 people

We find this workshop runs best with up to a maximum of three people from your team.

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Book this workshop for up to three people for just $499.

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How does it work?

Our user story mapping workshop is done entirely over an online video call with screensharing capabilities, so all you need is access to a computer with a web cam, microphone, and a good internet connection. The workshop is ran by Tim Ramage and James Sear, the founders of Avion, who have around 20+ years combined experience building digital products with teams of all sizes.

Profile of Tim Ramage, Avion co-founder

Tim Ramage

Profile of James Sear, Avion co-founder

James Sear

Workshop breakdown

Initial consultation (30 mins)

In this session, we like to cover off introductions and get to know you a little. We want to understand your product and its vision, what your role is and what your main objectives are so we can tailor the workshop to your specific needs. We also like to understand your current product development workflow to get a better sense of the problems you’re facing and how exactly user story mapping can support your team’s delivery processes. Finally, we’ll agree on some key outcomes for the user story mapping workshop to follow.

User story mapping workshop (3 ½ hrs)

The main workshop is made up of three sections. The amount of time spent on each section can, of course, be moulded around your needs and current working knowledge of user story mapping. The following breakdown of each section will give you a good overview of the workshop:

Theory of user story mapping (workshop illustration)

The theory of user story mapping

We’ll run through the fundamental concepts of user story mapping. This will involve delving into the differences between traditional product backlogs and user story maps, followed by a deep dive into the anatomy of a story map. We will analyse examples of good maps and not-so-good maps, to illustrate the importance of implementing your maps correctly.

Building a user story mapp (workshop illustration)

Building a user story map together

The core section of the workshop will involve us working as a team to build out a user story map for your product or service. This process will include defining foundational user journeys, translating feature ideas from you and your stakeholders into user stories and prioritising sets of user stories into “slices”, giving you a lean collection of releases to move forward and build.

User story mapping workflows (workshop illustration)

Discovering how user story mapping fits into your workflow

Every team has a different development workflow and we want to help you decide where user story mapping works best for you. We'll discuss your current workflow and suggest where you can slot user story mapping in to gain the most benefit from it. We will also incorporate the use of integrations that can help you send data in and out of the tools you already use.

Workshop FAQs

Our workshop costs $499 for a half-day session with Tim and James. If you are interested in running on-site sessions, please get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.
We support most popular card types, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Alternatively, we can also take payment via bank transfer.

Once we have agreed a date and time, we'll send you an email with details on how you can complete payment for your workshop.
We will refund the full cost of your workshop provided we receive email notification with at least two weeks notice. After this, if you cancel up to one week before the agreed date of your workshop, we will refund 50% of the cost. If you give us less than one week's notice, we will refund 25% of the cost.
Yes, depending on your location, we can agree an on-site visit to run the workshop at your premises. Please get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.

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