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Avion was founded with a mission to provide the most intuitive and enjoyable user story mapping tool that agile teams actually want to use — from project inception to launch and beyond.

About the founders

"We both come from agency backgrounds and have around 20+ years combined experience building digital products — user story mapping is pretty much our bread and butter. Noticing the lack of decent online tooling available in this area, we decided to build Avion, with the goal of making it the slickest user story mapping tool available."

Profile of Tim Ramage, Avion co-founder

Tim Ramage

With over a decade of experience in the build of digital products, Tim thrives at the overlap of design, development and UX. As an agile enthusiast and certified scrum product owner, Tim has a passion for helping teams build better products.

Profile of James Sear, Avion co-founder

James Sear

Always an entrepreneur at heart, James has a passion for building products with a strong focus on elegant design and impeccable user experience. He writes code, talks publicly and tries to help agile teams succeed. He also plays a little music 🎧

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