User story mapping in Avion with Azure DevOps poster

Azure DevOps is fast-becoming the perfect backlog and pipeline management tool for many teams. We absolutely love their toolset, but it’s just missing one thing — a user story map view. Pair it up with Avion and you’ve got all bases covered.

How does it work?

Setup your Azure DevOps integration in Avion

Step through the straightforward setup process, map your states and choose your required area path setup.

Avion's state mapping screen

Import existing data from Azure DevOps

Get all your current project’s user stories into Avion, so you can start linking them up with your user journeys and steps. These stories will be immediately two-way synced.

Avion's integration import feature

Push new stories and releases

Define and prioritise new releases within Avion and then push them to Azure DevOps, where your dev team can start picking up the work.

Pushing an Avion release to Azure DevOps

Track and monitor in either tool

Any card that is synced will remain up-to-date in either tool, so you can monitor your dev team’s Azure DevOps updates right from your Avion user story map.

Pushing an Avion user story to Azure DevOps

Evolve your processes

Use our Azure DevOps configuration options to tweak and update how your states are mapped to your Avion workflow.

Avion's integration configuration panel for Azure DevOps

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